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I Can give you is the Sincerity on my work and Purity of my Attention...
Objective of Dr. Rita Savla for Homoeopathic treatment is let people live their life without any suffering and to utmost joy


Disclaimer - No medical system is complete and no doctor is a miracle worker. Homeopathy and homeopathic doctors are no different. The cases quoted here a just a few of the many we see here at the clinic. We have had our shares of failures where despite the patient’s patience, we were of little help. We do not claim to cure every case or have a 100% success rate. These cases are presented to illustrate both the range of areas we have had successes in and also to show the process of diagnoses and treatment.
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About Prescription: Due to the complex nature of homeopathy prescribing, please note that it is not within the scope of the online treatment service to give any elaborate explanation on the prescription.



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