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Treatment Plan:
A. Personal Visit to Clinic
B. Online Treatment Plan

A. Personal Visit to Clinic

Call Dr. Rita Savla between 11 am to 8 pm India time and fix up your appointment

B. Online Treatment Plan
Dr. Rita Savla makes her expertise available to patients globally. She treats patients especially for the chronic and obstinate disease conditions.
You can consult Dr. Rita Savla from anywhere in the world. You need to follow bellow mentioned steps to consultation and treatment with Dr. Rita Savla.

Step 1:
Click here to know Our on-line homeopathy treatment protocol

Step 2

Online Register for treatment:
Dr. Rita Savla is using very uniquely designed Multilingual Online Patient Management System for treating patients online. You can register online just by filling few personal details.
Click here to REGISTER now
Please note you do not have to pay any fee for registration, access to information.

Step 3

Submit your Case Details:
After successful registration, you send your interest for treatment and get online case form. Now submit your case details using simple but exhaustive Multilingual Case Record in international languages. Investigation reports and photographs of patient can be uploaded for Dr. Rita Savla reference if required.

Step 4

Dr. Rita Savla herself will review your case
Once we receive your case details, Dr. Rita Savla will study and analyze your case and get back to you with probable time of cure and other details.

Step 5

Choose Treatment Plan
You can choose any Treatment Plan depending on duration of treatment.

Click here to view Treatment Plan

Step 6

Make Payment
Now we will request you to make payment so that we should start. If the patient wants to talk with Dr. Rita Savla, he /she can do so either by fixing a prior appointment or through net meeting or telephonic conversation but after we receive your payment
Click here for Payment

Step 7

Receive medicine at your doorstep
Once your payment is honored we will send medicine to your address. The medicine will be delivered to you anywhere in the world as per the rules and regulation of the country of your residence .The patient can acknowledge when they receive the medicines by sending an e-mail. Additional charges for the courier/shipping services will be levied. The courier charges may change with the weight of the medicines and the country where the medicine has to be received.

Step 8

Feedback & Support
Using our Online Patient Management System, you can update your report to t Dr. Rita Savla time to time for future medicines, depending on progress you make.
As our system works 24x7 so you can send your feedback anytime and depending on need we will reply you with the instructions very soon.

Our on-line homeopathy treatment protocol offers a specially designed program, which includes the following aspects:
1. In-depth case study: Collection of patient's case-details and case history through a specially designed questionnaire to be filled in online.
2. Analysis and evaluation of the case-details, once received, by a Dr Rita Savla
3. Homeopathic medicines will be sent to you through post or courier.
4. Follow up online support as and when required, 24/7 telephonic and 7 pm to 9 pm India time by chat.
5. Evaluation of the case after a definite period of therapy.
6. Use of the online treatment protocol means that you agree to the terms of use.
7. It will be patient's responsibility to find out if homeopathic medicines could be imported to their country
8. We take no responsibility if medicines sent by Registered Postal service do not reach you due to custom clearance

Online Treatment Plans

A. New Case Study and Analysis Charges Rs. 1,000 /-

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B. Medicine Charges for Indian Patients

Sr. No.
1 Month Rs. 800 /-
2 Months Rs. 1600/-
3 Months Rs. 2400/-

Medicine Charges for International Patients

Sr. No.
1 Month Rs. 2400 /-
2 Months Rs. 3000/-
3 Months Rs. 3600/-

Courier Charges:

One needs to pay the additional charges for the courier and bank transfer. Courier charges varies with the which courier company�s service taken and urgency of the courier We ensure the best of the courier companies� services for Indian and International patients. Actual receipt can be sent on the request.

Note: medicine charges may change without prior notice

click here to know payment mode

Make Payment

Off Line Payment Details :
Bank draft / Pay order / Cheque :
In the Name of : " Dr. Rita Savla ", payable at Mumbai, INDIA.

Online Money Transfer :
Bank: State Bank of India
A/c Name: Dr. Rita Savla
Saving A/c No.: 30024618596
Branch Address: Goregaon West, Mumbai - 400 062.
Postal Address :

By Western Union :

The Western Union money could be sent on name of Dr. Rita Savla.

After making the said payment, you are supposed to send a 10 digit "Money Transfer Control Number” (MTCN) by email.




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