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Our patients talk about their experience with the disease they suffered with, and the relief and cure they found with Homeopathy at 1stmyhealth centre.

- Asthma
- Kidney stones / Renal Calculi
- Ulcerative Colitis (Crohn's disease)
- Irritable bowel syndrome
- Urticaria
- Behavioral Problem in child
- As a family doctor

We thank these people who have willingly shared their experiences so that more people can believe in Homeopathic treatment and be benefited in more ways than one.

My daughter, who is 5 years old, was suffering from asthma since age of 2. Every year during winter is worse for her. She is unable to breath, restless and can’t eat or sleep during acute attack. She was on inhaler and we had to hospitalize her twice. She required even nebuliser many times. This also hampered her growth. She was weak child. We were worried as we knew that using allopathic medicine can have side effects and that too in a young child.
We got reference of Dr Rita Savla through common friends and we started Homeopathic treatment last summer, and she was on medicines once in a few months even when she was fine. This winter she has hardly had any problem, and we are happy to see our child healthy, and being able to play normally with the other kids in the winter. Kudos to Homeopathy. Now Dr Rita Savla is also our family doctor.

Saloni Sangoi , Mumbai

Kidney Stones/ Renal Calculi
I had lots of pain in my abdomen. Initially I was hospitalized and I was diagnosed for kidney stones. I was treated for the infection that was caused due to the stones and was on regular treatment for the next 2-3 months to get rid of stones, but after repeated ultrasounds, found that the stones remained and the treatment did not help. I was suggested laser surgery, but was not keen on it. I also had eczema on my back for this I was using ointment and steroid as itching was making me worse.
Then I took Homeopathic medicines from Dr Rita Savla though I was skeptical about Homeopathy, I wanted to give it a try as other medicines didn't help so far.
After just a few weeks of taking regular Homeopathic medication, I went for another ultrasound and the stones were gone, and the doctor there asked me if had had laser surgery done at another place!
I was further given ongoing medication so that the stones do not form again. I am really grateful to the doctors to Dr Rita Savla, who cured my kidney stone problem as well as my eczema also. Now she is my family doctor and for any acute problem also I, my wife and kids just take her treatment.
Pulkit Mehta , Mumbai

Ulcerative Colitis (Crohn's disease)
“I am a 35-year old female residing in Ahmadabad Gujarat, was diagnosed six years ago with a severe case of Ulcerative Colitis (Crohn's disease). My symptoms included abdominal pain, diarrhea, and rectal bleeding. Over the years, I had dropped over 15 pounds of weight and was on extensive medicines, also had to undergo periodic colonoscopies and flex-Sigmoidoscopies. My only hope lay in increasing the dosage of my medication in the hopes of controlling my outbreak and living in a constant state of distress wondering when my next outbreak would occur.

My sister residing in Mumbai was patient of Dr Rita Savla recommended me for take homoeopathy treatment , I visited a her. I must admit that I had a healthy dose of skepticism (How could those tiny sugar-coated balls do the job that several large and powerful capsules failed to do?).
Within 3 months of taking the prescription from her, and making some of the life changes that the doctor encouraged me to undertake, I was pleasantly surprised as my outbreaks decreased in severity as well as frequency. After about few months of the medication (during which time I was also delighted that I was able to cut back and eventually completely stopped taking all my previous medicines), my outbreaks completely stopped.
I am happy to report that almost one and a half years have now elapsed, and I am completely free of any new outbreaks. To summarize, I don't think it would be an exaggeration at all to say that Homeopathy and Dr Rita is the reason that I'm well and enjoying a normal and healthy life.

I am not making any material gains from writing this testimonial. My sole intention behind writing it is to wholeheartedly document my personal experience, and to encourage anyone who might be thinking about homeopathy and is looking for a good doctor, to consider Dr Rita Savla at 1stmyhealth as your choice.
Komal , Ahamadabad

Irritable bowel syndrome

I’m Rupal and was suffering from the blood in my stool, loose motion and I was diagnosed as
Irritable bowel syndrome. I had lost all confidence in my life and was under depression due to my problem. I was under allopathic medication which I was having did not give much relief but I started having boils on my
face making me look very ugly. One of Dr Rita Savla patient refereed me to her and in few
months my stool problem is solved and I have regain my confidence back.
I’m very fresh and happy. Even my face skin looking better and I also have got compliment
for it from my friends and relatives.

Homoeopathy has helped me a lot and Dr Rita Savla’s patience in treating, her counseling, diet
Management for my problem has helped me to enjoy my life once again.

Treatment at means getting homeopathy, counseling, diet and yoga all under
One roof.

May GOD bless Dr Rita Savla with lots of success in her work.


I had Urticaria since many years and I was not getting any relief from the medicines that I was taking. Finally I decided to take Homeopathic treatment from Dr Rita Savla and to my wonder, the urticaria completely disappeared in few months' time. I am very grateful to Dr Rita Savla for relieving me of my urticaria.

I thank you for helping me getting my life back. I really appreciate the fact that your medicine is affordable and it hasn't become part of the giant industry of marketing for the sake of money!

God bless you Dr. Rita Savla!

Thank you again!
Bhartiben , Mumbai.

Behavioral Problem in child
I have a 13 year old son who is very shot temper, on smallest contradiction his behaviors like sudden screaming, repeatedly throwing things, hitting him self, tearing and breaking things had gotten worse over the years.
We started giving him Homeopathic medicines one year ago. The doctor took a detailed record of his behavior, and my husband and I had a few sessions with the doctor, describing the smallest patterns of our son’s behavior. The medicines were easy to give my son, who took it willingly. After just 2-3 months of medicines he was much less aggressive, and the screaming and hitting himself had reduced. We were very happy with the good improvement, our son is much better. His aggression has drastically reduced, and he also responds much better to situation, and he is improved in his studies also The doctor also regularly counsels us on how better to handle certain situations, and suggests changes in his diet which he has also benefited from.
He is now only on medication a few days a month. We are going to continue taking the treatment, as we are very happy with the improvement, and we look forward to his being more independent and developing better skills.
Rekha ,Mumbai.

As a family doctor:

I am Mitsu Patel, I went to Dr Rita Savla when my son was 1 year old for repeated diarrhea
for which I had hospitalized him twice. Moment I started homoeopathy treatment he only
once he had Diarrhea which got better in one day. He also had frequent cold cough. He
was very cranky, Irritable child. But with homoeopathy medicine all under control.

So I and my husband also started her treatment for my backache and my husband for this
Acidity and anxiety. We both are have benefited for our problems.

Now for any acute Problem of my sons cold or throat infection we just take homeopathy
medicine from Dr Rita Savla and he is better. Before he use be very irritable cranky weak
during acute attacks now He is not so during acute. My son never wants to take any allopathic
medicine. Taking Treatment at 1stmyhealth clinic means really understanding importance of
heath is our Priority. Under one roof we get homoeopathy, counseling, diet management
yoga and Physiotherapy as Dr Rita’s reading and knowledge is deep.

I have referred so many of my friends and relative to Dr Rita Savla and all are happy for my
Referee to her.

I wish her lots of success in her work.
Mitsu Patel, Mumbai.

"Only few of the success stories are listed here. There are also situations when patients do not respond to the treatment but their number is very small compared to those who are cured."
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