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First Aid:  

Importance of First Aid:

1. First aid is given on site in first few minutes to self or to others during medical or accidental emergencies before the doctor or ambulance comes.
2. Rightly given First aid will save the life, reduce the complication and fasten the recovery
3. First Aid is at utmost use during the disaster situation.
4. This will also reduce the hospital stay and intake of allopathic medicine
5. First Aid knowledge is very useful during midnight hours and especially while one is traveling where doctor is not easily available.
6. Certificate by “Safety First”


First Aid Training :  

Training Highlights:


1. The training module is design as per St. John Ambulance and Red Cross which is internationally practiced and topic like disaster management, mass causality management are added by Safety First as per the time requirement and mock dill is done to give actual scenario practice to give confidence to the students.

2. Training is conducted by Audio-Visual method, with lots of practicals. This makes the training more interesting, interactive and practical oriented with better retention of knowledge.

3. The Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training is given with the help of a unique manikin which is the one of the very few available in our country. This is a life saving procedure, to be started within first 4 minutes when the casualty has no breathing and no pulse e.g. in case of Electrical shock, gas poisoning & heart attack.

4. An adequate time is spent on Hand-On Training and practical skills. Like examination of a serious patient, stretcher drill, C.P.R, art of bandaging.

5. We provide the lecture note in 4 languages, English/ Hindi/ Marathi/ Gujarati.

7. Training Program conducted by Dr Rita Savla herself.
8. The training program ends scenario practice- mock drill with a written examination & the list of successful will be awarded with certification from Safety First
9. Certificate also helps to upgrade the CV- Bio-data



First Aid Training Modules :  

Training Duration: 14 hours

Training modules: as per the requirement of the organization

No of participants per training course: 24-26 (Small batch for personal attention)

Course Fees:

These charges are in-house training:

In India Per person: Rs. 1000.00
Outside India Per person: US $ 25.00

* Advance payment need to be done for confirmation of dates
Requirement for the Training Program:

  1. Laptop or PC with CD/DVD drive with speakers & LCD
  2. Mike
  3. White board with marker.
  4. Stretcher.
  5. First Aid box

Staying Arrangement:
Staying arrangements with meals if program is outside Mumbai.
Two AC room for doctor and assistants.

Traveling charges:                                                                  As Actual
Visa and other processing charges if programme out side India: As Actual

Who should organize this training

Any private or government sector all over the world
  • Small or large scale industries
  • Corporate offices
  • Mall and Multiplex
  • Hotel
  • Resorts and entertainment business groups
  • Government departments
  • Residence housing societies
  • NGO’s
  • Social groups
  • School managements for teacher and students
  • College management for teacher and students
Training for Mandatory
  • Individuals in health-related fields
  • Care-providers for children or the elderly
  • People involved with athletics
Topics (Theory including practicals)
  1. Introduction to first aid
  2. Basic of human anatomy and physiology
  3. How to examine the patient/causality
  4. Medical emergency
  5. Accidental emergency
  6. Disaster emergency
  7. Stretcher drill
  8. Disaster Management
  9. CPR- heart attack
  10. Mass causality Management
  11. Mock drill
  12. Written exam
CPR Training
Can you save a life? In an emergency, when every second is critical, would you know what to do?
According to recent statistics sudden cardiac arrest is rapidly becoming the leading cause of death in India. Once the heart ceases to function, a healthy human brain may survive without oxygen for up to 4 minutes without suffering any permanent damage. Unfortunately, a typical EMS response may take 6, 8 or even 10 minutes.

It is during those critical minutes that CPR can provide oxygenated blood to the victim's brain and the heart, dramatically increasing his chance of survival. And if properly instructed, almost anyone can learn and perform CPR.

• 0-4 mins. Brain damage unlikely
• 4-6 mins. Brain damage possible
• 6-10 mins. Brain damage probable
• over 10 mins. probable brain death


CPR can be learnt on unique manikin specially meant for teaching and practice

Duration: 3 hours

No of participants per training course: 12-15 (Small batch for personal attention)

Course Fees:

These charges are in-house training on CPR

In India Per person: Rs. 500.00

* Advance payment for the need to be done for confirmation of dates
Requirement for the Training Program:

1. Laptop or PC with CD/DVD drive with speakers & LCD
2. Mike
3. White board with marker.
4. Stretcher
5. First Aid box

Who should learn CPR:

1. People having family history of high cholesterol and heart disease
2. Family member having history of high blood pressure, diabetes,
3. Family members are long term medication
4. People who’s family members are working in high stress situation
5. Family member who are obese.
6. One and all who wants to help others

First Aid Box
A good First Aid Kit should be checked and restocked periodically and should always contain the following items
• Sterile adhesive bandages in assorted sizes
• Sterile gauze pads in assorted sizes
• Hypoallergenic adhesive tape
• Scissors
• Tweezers
• Needle
• Ace bandage
• Moistened towelettes
• Antiseptic
• Thermometer
• Tongue blades
• Splints in assorted sizes
• Petroleum jelly
• Assorted sizes of safety pins
• Anti-bacterial soap
• Antibiotic ointment
• Latex gloves and face mask
• Sunscreen
• Aspirin and/or ibuprofen
• Ice Pack

Homoeopathic First Aid Box
Contact us to send your interest for getting Homoeopathic first aid box with instruction manual.

Homoeopathic First Aid kit

Star medicine (given by your homoeopath)
SOS (given by your homoeopath)
Arnica 200
Arsenic Album 200
Antinmonium tart 200
Belladonna 200
Bryonia 200
Borax 200
Carbo veg 200
Colocynth 200
Digitalis 200
Nux Vomica 200
Pulsatilla 200
Rhus tox 200
Ruta 200
Mag. Phos 6X
Stramonium 1000 (1M)

Homeopathic Ointments


How to store Homoeopathic Medicine

Check medicine bottle is air tight bottle.
store medicine in cool dry place
store medicine away from sun light, strong smell
don’t store medicine in refrigerator


FAQ on First Aid:

1. Who should take this course?
2. Are CPR and Basic First Aid difficult to learn?
3. Can I be sued if I perform CPR incorrectly?
4. When does the certificate expire

1. Who should take this course?
CPR and Basic First Aid courses are designed to accommodate those people wishing to learn Basic Life Support by one-on-one training sessions. Individuals in health-related fields, care-providers for children or the elderly and people involved with athletics will especially benefit from the cognitive skills gained in our courses, but anyone who wishes to be prepared for an emergency situation is welcome to participate.

2. Are CPR and BFA difficult to learn?
BLS consists of knowledge and skills, both of which can be learned by almost any able-bodied person, adult or teenager. It is important, however, to pay close attention to the specifics of all instructions in the course.

3. Can I be sued if I perform CPR incorrectly?
In most states private citizens are protected by the Good Samaritan Law which states, in general terms, that unless you are a professional physician and have demonstrated gross negligence while performing rescue efforts, you may not be sued by the victim.

4. When does the certificate expire?
Generally accepted standards dictate that each student is re-certified every 12 months, but no less frequently than at 24-month interval


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